How to choose a topic and synopsis

Rehoboth Academic Services offers you guidance with how to choose a topic for a thesis, paper or any other research project. Selecting the right topic for your research project can be one of the most daunting tasks, as your research topic, the thesis statement needs to be unique and relevant to your research interest. Most PhD scholars, owing to lack of incorrect guidance, choose an inappropriate topic for their research and dissertation.

At Rehoboth Academic Services, we highly recommend that you choose a research advisor who will guide you throughout your PhD program. It is vital that you have a serious research approach. Your aim should be to work on ideas that have not been explored yet by others in the same field. Our PhD research advisors help assist you in selection of the topic. Our team is experienced in helping numerous students from different fields in their topic selection, for PhDs, MBAs, MBBS and various post-graduate courses.

Rehoboth Academic Services offers to choose a topic for you that match your interests while remaining related to the subject that you are pursuing. The topic we guide you in selecting will help keep you motivated and your research interest intact.

What are the deliverables Rehoboth Academic Services offers?

  • Four original topics related to your area of research interest.
  • 150 words of description on the topic that you select.
  • Guidance on developing the research problem related to the selected topic.

What is the outcome that Rehoboth Academic Services promises?

  • Current topics relevant to your research area.
  • Topics that are selected can be completed within a stipulated time-period.
  • Appropriate references to support the topic will be provided.
  • 7 days of turnaround time.

We also offer PhD Proposal Services.


Your thesis or research proposal is one of the most important steps in the development of research. Laying the foundation for your final research, if this step is not thought out well, you may start a study only to find flaws, such as that your variables are not measuring what they need to measure. Academicians agree that proposal preparation is the most demanding part of the research process, therefore due diligence is required while preparing this document.

The experts at Rehoboth Academic Services are here to help you write your research proposal or synopsis. We understand that it is a time-consuming process that needs skills and a thorough understanding of the topic.

What deliverables does Rehoboth Academic Services offer you?

  • A research design created in consultation with you.
  • Identification of research gaps, dependent and independent variables.
  • Relevant and appropriate framework based on the theoretical model.
  • A proposal drafted according to your needs.
  • Revisions according to your requirements (up to 15 days).

To achieve this, we require a few things:

  • Your research topic
  • University guidelines
  • Structure of the proposal
  • Objectives of the research and your expectations for the outcome.
  • Specific details about the research, including where you would like to conduct the study, your participants and so on.

Rehoboth Academic Services promises you an error-free thesis proposal, with a unique theoretical framework and relevant, adequate references.