Interpretation of results

Statistical analysis gives a researcher a wealth of numbers and data, but numbers need to have some meaning for them to be useful. Maybe you have run a series of statistical tests but you don’t fully understand why you have used them or what your results mean. Maybe you aren’t sure whether you need to carry out more tests to make sense of your findings. Rehoboth Academic Services is here to help.

We provide guidance and support dedicated to the interpretation of results, write the discussion chapter whether they are for a PhD, an MBA, MBBS or any other stream.

How does Rehoboth Academic Services help you interpret your findings?

  • Organization of your findings to make them more coherent and concise.
  • Creation of meaningful figures and tables to improve the presentation of your findings.
  • Creation of charts and graphs to visualize your data.
  • Suggestions of additional analyses that need to be carried out.
  • Interpretation of your findings.

What interpretations of results does Rehoboth Academic Services carry out? Can Rehoboth Academic Services help me when I am formulating the corresponding discussion?

Our team of experts will help you understand your findings, guiding you in each step of the way. we either provide a basic interpretation of the results and data or a detailed analysis of your material, related to what the statistics mean and what implications are possible from the data. We can also help with suggestions related to further studies that need to be carried out or additional analyses to understand your data better.

We also provide support on request for the accompanying discussion, inferences and conclusion related to the results that have been obtained.

If you have a query or comment, please feel free to contact us for any support or guidance.