PhD & Masters Thesis Guidance

Successfully completing your thesis involves a great deal of effort and dedication. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may find yourself at a roadblock and you may become unsure how to proceed.

Rehoboth Academic Services offers you PHD & Masters thesis guidance, a bouquet of thesis-related services from finalizing your topic selection to helping you fine-tune your completed thesis including thesis writing and editing.


When it comes down to it, writing your paper can be much trickier than what you had expected. Sometimes your thoughts don’t flow and the words refuse to cooperate on paper the way they did in your mind. Then comes the additional challenges of tailoring your work to your university’s guidelines, making sure everything is free from errors and that your work makes sense.  But drafting your chapters doesn’t need to be that difficult and that’s where we come in.

What does Rehoboth Academic Services help you with?

  • Framework formation: We help you develop an organized framework for your thesis, successfully avoiding any starting problems.
  • Editing services: We offer comprehensive editing services, ranging from basic grammar and spelling checks to in-depth reviews. This allows you to focus on the writing and let us help you with the polishing.
  • Formatting: Our team of highly skilled individuals helps you to format the final project to fit your requirements.

What Chapters Can Rehoboth Academic Services Assist You With?

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results (with or without discussion)
  • Conclusion

We also provide specific services for guidance with proposals and referencing.

What Editing Services Do We Provide?

Writing your thesis is the most important element towards the fulfillment of your PhD. After working hard on your data collection and analysis, presenting the analyzed data in a clear and understandable manner may present some difficulties. Your writing should express the ideas clearly, logically and descriptively to the reader. If your writing lacks coherence, the reader might lose focus of the main ideas behind your thesis.

Since you have been working on your thesis for several months (or even years), your attachment to the content in the project can actually hinder your ability to spot errors, regardless of how blatant they may be.

We offer different levels of editing and proofreading for various projects, whether it is a dissertation, thesis, research article or an academic article. Our proofreaders and editors scan through the provided document with the utmost care, highlighting errors, helping to give rise to an impeccable final copy. Our professional touch will give your work that special edge, to help convince readers and even examiners about the quality of your research.

Based on your requirements, we offer the following services:

We also offer formatting services for both your document and references for a nominal additional fee.