Reference Editing

Accurate references and citations are needed for the success of any academic paper. It is always important to give credit to the authors you are citing in your paper or document. What style of citation should be used and how the references are to be arranged in the document have to be decided before editing the references. Different universities and journals require various intricate referencing systems. reference editing.

The experts at Rehoboth promise to fulfil all your reference editing needs. We edit in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, reference lists and cited pages. We also perform cross-checking to ensure that the in-text references are cohesive. We ensure strict compliance with the required referencing system and check for the placement and utilization of in-text citations and page number references.    
The reference styles normally followed are APA, Vancouver, Harvard, CMS, MLA, IEEE, etc.
Rehoboth Academic Services can also cross-verify the references you provide with the original sources to ensure that all the reference formatting is correct. We do this extra work for a fee.